The 2010 Rose Festival Court was thrilled to wear Sophisticated Beads'
earrings during coronation and throughout the Court's travels.  Thank you
Sophisticated Beads for your beautiful and generous jewelry donation to the
Portland Rose Festival Court!  We look forward to many more years of

Seth ~ Rose Festival Court Committee

Just a note to tell you, it was a HOME RUN!  Linda really REALLY loved the
items and wore them recently with a great deal of pride and a BIG SMILE.
Thanks, Lea for your service, professionalism and your great sense of STYLE.

Much respect, and admiration.
Harvey ~ Portland, OR

Working with you these past months has been a joy. This is going to be an
incredible Centennial year for the Rose Festival; due in part to companies like
Sophisticated Beads. You have gone the extra mile with your time; support and
the donation of your beautiful hand made jewelry. I know our fourteen girls will
each feel like a princess when wearing the earrings you have made for them. I
can hardly wait to see them on the girls! I would like to thank you once again
for your hard work.

Becky ~ Rose Festival Court Committee

Thank you so much for fixing my earrings. It looks like you did way more than
just fix them - they are fabulous!! I am someone who loves a lot of color and I
have to say these are a pair of my favorites. I owe you and I really appreciate
that you took care of them so fast and then mailed them right away. Now thats
quality customer service!!! You are so talented and I love all of your work. I
look forward to way more opportunities to purchase your fun jewelry.

All of my friends think you are amazing! I have had nothing but wonderful
feedback about you and your jewelry. Thank you so much for sharing your
god given talent and your warm personality with me and my friends. I just love
you. I see why Mel values your friendship so much. Take care Lea and I hope
to see you soon.

Lisa ~ Portland, OR

Lea has a wonderful selection of unique handcrafted jewelry with gems and
beads from all over the world. A friend and I saw her jewelry at a winery and
fell in love with it. My friend was inside when I went to talk to Lea and see if I
could order the jewelry when I got home. She kindly wrote down all the item
numbers and prices. My friend fell in love with a Kenya green stone that was
very unique but the length was shorter than she wears. Lea offered to
lengthen it but my friend thought it was too much to ask, as it meant restringing
the whole piece. My friend had recently lost her mother and I thought this
would be a special gift for her. I ordered it from Lea when I got home and she
resized it. Since then, I have gone shopping with my friend and she purchased
a green outfit this necklace and earrings will go perfect with! I was planning on
giving it to her for Christmas but don't think I'll hold onto it that long. I couldn't
believe how fast it arrived. She kept me posted the whole time as to shipping
and when to expect it. I would definitely order from Lea again. She truly is a
"Sophisticated" person!

Kim ~ San Jose, CA

I've been purchasing Lea's jewelry for the past 1-1/2 years and have over 25
pieces.  I just love her classic designs that range from casual to elegant. Many
of her pieces have Swarovski crystals incorporated into the designs which just
makes them sparkle. I have also purchased several items as gifts and my
sister-in-law had chosen Lea's jewelry for her bride's maids to wear at her
wedding.   I can't wait to see what new designs Lea has come up with each
time I see her. I always come home with a new favorite to add my collection.

Janice ~ Ridgefield, WA

The jewelry Lea designed for my daughter's bridesmaids perfectly
complemented the style, formality and color of the girls' gowns. They enjoyed
receiving custom made pieces of elegant jewelry which they can wear on any
occasion whether it be formal or informal. The beauty and sparkle of the
earrings and necklaces got so many compliments! Lea's jewelry is nothing
short of outstanding. I have given her jewelry as gifts for many special
occasions and holidays and everyone has loved them. Each piece has been
unique and very special.

Patricia ~ Boston, MA
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March - Aquamarine
April - Crystal
May - Emerald
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July - Ruby
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September - Sapphire
October - Rose
November - Yellow Topaz
December - Blue Zircon
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