2018 Portland Rose Festival Princesses


Our largest jewelry selection of the year will be Saturday, May 4, 2019 from
10am to 5pm.

Enjoy refreshments, prizes and much more! Just in time for Mother's Day and
adding new sparkle to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Our collection is designed with a vibrant assortment of semi-precious stones,
accented with Austrian Swarovski crystals, pearls and sterling silver. We
design with unique gemstones to create wonderful women's jewelry that can
be worn for a special occasion or every day.

A great deal of care is put into every piece to make it as special as the person
wearing it. One of a kind treasures is our specialty and all items are

Take a look at the "Press/Events" page to review upcoming events where you
can see the complete jewelry line displayed. If you are interested in hosting an
event, please
contact us.

Thank you for stopping by!
2019 Portland Rose Festival &
    Grand Floral Parade

This will be Sophisticated Beads 13th year
sponsoring jewelry for the Rose Festival

The Royal Court
wears our earrings during
Queen Coronations, Grand Floral Parades
and Knighting Ceremonies. You too can look
like a princess with Austrian Swarovski
crystal and pearl

Portland Rose Festival received 18
awards in one year from the International
Festivals and Events Association.
Thousands line the streets of downtown
Portland in anticipation of the largest
single-day spectator event in Oregon.
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2018 Queen Kiara Johnson wearing earrings
designed by Sophisticated Beads at Queen
Coronation and Grand Floral Parade